Business Law

Our business law expertise sets you up for today and tomorrow.

If you are buying or selling a business, setting up a new corporation or dealing with the ongoing needs of an existing business, we can help. From corporate reorganization and amalgamations, shareholder and partnership agreements, to general advice on corporate governance our team has the experience to help guide your organization through all matters related to the law. That experience also includes the day to day needs your business may encounter, such as employment issues, commercial leases and helping to resolve shareholder disputes.

The best time to engage a business lawyer, is before you need them.

As most experienced business operators will tell you, oftentimes the best remedy is prevention. Having strong legal counsel in place before there’s an issue, in many instances, acts as an insurance policy. We work to ensure your business doesn’t end up involved in messy legal proceedings by educating you and your team about the legal landscape your business activities expose you to.

There’s a good chance we already have experience in your industry.

We have many years of experience providing services to clients, both large and small, in various and diverse fields of business. This extensive experience includes working in mergers and acquisitions, commercial purchases and sales, bank and other lender financing, corporate reorganizations and restructuring, as well as oil and gas transactions.

We can guide you through business law in the following areas:

  • Incorporations and other business start-ups

  • Corporate governance, reorganizations and restructurings

  • General and limited partnerships

  • Shareholder and other corporate agreements

  • Commercial transactions

  • Banking and finance

  • Sale or purchase of shares or assets

  • Employment related issues

  • Oil and gas